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Choose excellence, choose Umalis !

By choosing wage portage, you will opt for employee security and will benefit from all its advantages, particularly in terms of social protection (social security, RCP insurance, mutual insurance, retirement, right to unemployment).

It’s even better if you opt for wage portage with Umalis Group!

Highly qualified expert in the field, our company Umalis will be able to accompany you in complete safety in all your professional missions, both in France and abroad.

With Umalis, you benefit from many practical advantages that will save you time in the organization of your activity as a self-employed employee, while sparing you the administrative hassle.

Umalis offers you a simple and efficient wage portage solution in total transparency, at unbeatable costs.

Personal support, help in finding assignments, housing action and even the provision of a corporate card are all assets guaranteed by Umalis Group, the company that relies on professionalism but above all on human values.

These advantages are the criteria that distinguish Umalis from its competitors,

A virtual office

Umalis gives you the benefit of a personal online consultant space, protected by your login details and a password so that you can manage your activity in complete independence. The account is updated in real time and can be consulted at any time.

Corporate professional card

Umalis provides you with a Corporate card so that you are able to pay, in complete security, all transactions associated with your professional expenses.

Discount on apartment rentals

Thanks to our partnership with BNB Lord, Umalis gives you a 5% discount on seasonal apartment rentals or during your missions.

Help with job search

With Umalis, you benefit from a relevant job search service, thanks to which you will easily find job offers imported from the various job sites. The missions are geolocated using a tool designed and developed by Umalis.

Consulting services and personalized assistance

To support you in your missions Umalis puts at your service the skills of a team of expert and highly qualified sales advisers. They provide you with advice and assistance from the negotiation of your contracts to the collection of your fees.

Whether you are a self-employed professional, a student, an employee, a recent graduate, a retiree… or even looking for a job, join the umbrella company with Umalis Group if you are looking to exercise your profession with peace of mind.

Wage portage offer

With Umalis, realize your desire for autonomy and professional security !

Projects driven by a shared passion

Since its creation in 2008, Umalis has been able to impose its presence on the wage portage market in France and stand out from its competitors.

The peculiarity of this distinguished company lies in its credibility, its seriousness and the offers it offers to its reach.

Adapted and flexible offers allowing any independent professional to freely exercise his activity in a serene and secure professional environment.

Competitive and well studied, these offers include a set of considerable advantages ranging from the administrative management of your assignment contracts to personalized support and support during the performance of your service.

Umalis offers you below a list of offers based on your turnover:

Monthly turnover
from 0 to 5,000 € HT
Management fees
9% of turnover
Monthly turnover
from € 5,001 to € 10,000 € HT
Management fees
7% of turnover
Monthly turnover
from € 10,001 to € 15,000 € HT
Management fees
5% of turnover
Monthly turnover
over 15 001 € HT
Management fees
3% of turnover

Any chosen offer covers all the advantages mentioned below:


Financial guarantee of your salaries


Management of unpaid bills


Professional liability insurance (RC Pro)


Payment of 100% of your salary at the end of the month

(under conditions)


Payslip at the end of the month


Management of your professional expenses


Advantageous complementary health


Employee status

(social security, retirement, etc.)


Company savings plan



Collective retirement savings plan



Gift vouchers, holiday vouchers, CESU vouchers


Works council


Personalized training offer


Secure online office also available on your Smartphone


Individualized support throughout your missions


Membership of a professional network


Distribution of your CV to our partner sites


Preferential rates with privileged partners


Purchase of NTIC

(Exemption from charges and taxes)


Corporate bank card

(under conditions)


Web Kit

(under conditions)

  • A blog
  • Promotion of the BLOG in social networks
  • SEO assistance
  • Creation of a logo and business card

Umalis is at your side and is committed to supporting you successfully to enhance your expertise and make the best possible success in your professional career.


Are you a consultant at Umalis? Are you satisfied with your status and the advantages that this way of working gives you? Make it known around you ! Do not hesitate to advise anyone looking for a new professional orientation to move towards wage portage.

Talk to those around you and to the professionals you know about wage portage and your collaboration with Umalis, the company that welcomes your professional success and rewards your loyalty.

For any new consultant coming from you, Umalis provides you with a comfortable additional income for 12 whole months. This income is estimated at 20% of the management fees collected by Umalis on each invoice paid by the sponsored godson.

An exceptional and encouraging sponsorship bonus that only a renowned company such as Umalis will be able to offer to these litters.

So what if you know someone who is considering starting their own business but who fears the drawbacks of this status? Do not hesitate to direct him towards wage portage with Umalis, the company which will give new impetus to his professional future!

An exceptional sponsorship offer, worthy of your loyalty!

Umalis Connect

Umalis connect, a powerful mobile application to manage your activity from your smartphone

For a freelance in wage portage, mobile applications can be invaluable assets saving time on a daily basis and facilitating account monitoring.

Aware of the importance of this tool, which has become essential for its supported consultants, Umalis has developed its own application: Umalis Connect.

“Umalis Connect” is a solid, intuitive and elegant mobile application allowing independent consultants to manage their business wherever they are.

Equipped with a multitude of simple and practical functions, Umalis Connect allows its users to:

  • view all their account information from their smartphones
  • stay connected to their UMALIS team wherever and whenever they want
  • benefit from a great deal of autonomy when carrying out their missions
  • consult their payslips
  • simulate their income
  • send their mission expense reports in real time (travel expenses, professional expenses, etc.)

Simplify your access to your Umalis account by downloading our “Umalis Connect” mobile application free of charge from the “Play Store” or from the iTunes Store.

Affected profiles

Wage portage, a system adapted to different professional profiles

Wage portage, this atypical and innovative way of working, is increasingly appreciated and adopted by independent professionals. It is accessible to many profiles and concerns anyone with a sufficient level of expertise, qualification and autonomy to seek out their clients.

Who are these professionals who can claim the status of paid employee?

Freelance or self-employed

Wage portage is particularly suitable for professionals who exercise their activity under the freelance / self-employed status. This method of work provides them with the social advantages of employee status, protects their assets without limitation of turnover. all the more so as it frees them from administrative constraints.

Retired senior executive

Are you retired and you plan to continue your part-time activity while benefiting from social security and pension contributions? Wage portage is the most suitable alternative to your profile, it is the most secure way to exercise a self-employed activity without the slightest constraints or risks.

Interim manager

Do you have the prerequisites of the interim manager? Do not hesitate to share your expertise with companies seeking expert profiles such as you. Opt for wage portage to freely exercise your activity and promote your skills.

Project leader

You are the project leader and you want to test your market without creating a business structure? Get started in wage portage and develop your business safely, far from overwhelming administrative constraints and heavy personal expenses.

International consultant

Expatriate with the advantages of French social security: this is the major advantage that wage portage provides to any consultant on assignment abroad. Thanks to this alternative, you can get international assignments while benefiting from the status of employee posted abroad or expatriate.


Active executive

You are employed in a company and you plan to set up on your own account or to benefit from additional remuneration through a one-off freelance activity? Wage portage secures your activity and gives you all the independence and flexibility required for the performance of your services.

Young graduate

Have you acquired solid knowledge in your course and wish to gain professional experience before becoming an employee? Prove yourself and compare theory to practice with wage portage.

Join Umalis Group!

Activity area

Umalis, the partner of your professional success.

Wage portage is a booming way of working. More and more appreciated, it attracts both French workers, who want more autonomy; but also companies looking for expertise and flexibility.

Wage portage applies to intellectual activities: audit, advice, studies, training, recruitment, development and monitoring of projects … as well as services of a commercial nature: sale, real estate transactions, management, intermediation etc…

On the other hand, regulated professions and certain personal assistance activities are excluded from wage portage.

There are many trades that come under the umbrella of wage portage such as:

  • Coaching
  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Expertise
  • Finance
  • Training
  • Computer Internet
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Organization
  • Quality
  • HR
  • Translations

NB  : The list of trades that can be carried out carried out in wage portage is not exhaustive.

Are you interested in this adventure? Do you want to know if you can carry out your activity in wage portage? Contact us for more information

Wage portage in france and internationally

To be an independent expert is above all to take charge of your professional life!

Leader in wage portage in France, Umalis provides its consultants and client companies with secure solutions in the form of an  employment agreement  . With  Umalis wage portage offers , you are guaranteed to carry out your professional activities with complete peace of mind .

Umalis puts its experience and know-how to the benefit of its salaried consultants, to increase the opportunities for success as an expert consultant or otherwise “salaried independent worker ”.

Wage portage in France and abroad!

To better assist you in your entrepreneurship projects, Umalis has established itself in the major regions of France. Umalis also supports its clients abroad. Carrying out a liberal consultant’s activity abroad does not deprive you of the  status of a French employee . Go on a mission all over the world with Umalis and benefit from international coverage while remaining a French employee!

Do not hesitate to ask our delegates who will provide you  with personalized support  adapted to your needs.


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