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In order to make our knowledge of the status of “umbrella company employee” more extensive and more precise, we have identified in this list the questions most frequently asked to our advisers and the appropriate answers.


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What is wage portage?

Wage portage is a way of working allowing independent professionals to exercise an independent activity without administrative or management constraints, while benefiting from the status of employee and its advantages.

What about the regulation of wage portage?

Registered in the labor code since June 25, 2008, wage portage was the subject of a government ordinance adopted on April 2, 2015. Recognized and increasingly secure, this mode of work has benefited since March 2017 from a branch professional in its own right.

What is my status in wage portage?

In accordance with the agreement of June 24, 2010, professionals who have opted for wage portage are entitled to executive status. They are employees of the umbrella company which employs them and benefit from all the advantages linked to their employment contract.

What types of assignments can be carried out in wage portage?

Wage portage is particularly suited to activities relating to intellectual service such as consulting, auditing, the press, IT, animation, etc. Some activities are not portable, because they are regulated (lawyer, expert – accountant, doctor, etc.) or that they are not covered by the RCP (Professional Civil Liability) insurance of the wage portage companies.
Wage portage can concern interventions both in France and abroad.

Which profiles are affected by wage portage?

Wage portage provides an ideal working environment for: consultants, independent trainers, seniors, retired executives, young graduates and future business creators.

Is it possible to combine profession in the public service and missions in wage portage?

Yes, it is possible for a consultant to combine wage portage and a part-time or full contract job provided that his hierarchy authorizes it and that the two activities do not exceed the limit of 48 hours per week.

Is it possible to combine missions in wage portage with retirement?

Yes, you can combine your retirement pension with an activity in wage portage. Those concerned must have their retirement pensions liquidated with all of the compulsory pension schemes to which they have come under.

Is it possible to provide services for the benefit of foreign companies or abroad?

Yes, wage portage is also accessible to expatriates and consultants who work for foreign companies resident in France.

What happens in case of inactivity or between two missions?

When you are in a period of inactivity, you continue to be an Umalis employee without receiving a salary and without cost.

Is it possible to work for several clients at the same time?

Yes, you can complete missions for multiple clients at the same time.

Fees and remuneration

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Who negotiates my fees and my client's invoice?

You are independent in your prospecting and commercial negotiation and it is up to you to tell our company the amount negotiated with your client. However Umalis can advise you in your negotiations in order to position you effectively.

How can I calculate my salary based on the pricing negotiated with my client?

It is the role of your Umalis advisor to offer you various options using precise and tailor-made simulations.

How much are the management fees for wage portage?

At Umalis, the management costs vary between 3 and 9% of the invoicing excluding tax of the employee. These costs cover all social and employer charges inherent in your status as an employee.

What exactly do business expenses cover?

Professional costs include costs not borne by the customer but participating in the operation of the activity such as transport, catering, computer equipment, etc.

Is there a salary guarantee?

Umalis guarantees the payment, as soon as possible, of the sums due to employees (salaries, notice, severance payments, etc.) in accordance with the conditions set by the labor code.

How are mission expenses reimbursed?

Your mission expenses are reimbursed upon presentation of supporting documents. They are re-invoiced to the customer according to the terms of the service contract.

Social and legal protection

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What contracts govern my activity as a supported employee?

In wage portage two types of contracts are signed between the 3 actors of this working method

  • A service contract concluded between the carrier company and the client company
  • An employment contract established between the porting company and the ported consultant. This is a CDI or CDD, only the periods giving rise to invoiced services are taken into account.
What are my social coverages?

In wage portage, you benefit from the status of employee. Therefore, you benefit from all the advantages that this status confers: unemployment insurance, health insurance, retirement, company mutual insurance and provident insurance.

What happens in the event of an occupational accident or illness?

Umalis assumes full responsibility for the mission upon signing the service provision contract and assumes its role of employer

Wage portage

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Is there a charge for registration with Umalis?

Any registration with Umalis is 100% free. The steps to join our company are simple and easy. You can contact us for any inquiries before deciding to join us.

Can you suggest me some missions?

According to article 1254-2 of the Labor Code, the wage portage company does not offer job offers to its consultants. However Umalis has developed a tool to help find a mission accessible via our site. This service allows you to view all the missions available near you or at another location of your choice.

Is there a sponsorship offer if I bring you consultants?

For any new consultant coming from you, Umalis provides you with a comfortable additional income for 12 full months. This income is estimated at 20% of the management fees collected by Umalis on each invoice paid by the sponsored godson.

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