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The PACA region has many economic centers: Marseille with its many incubators, Aix-en_provence, Fos-sur-mer, Marignan, Sophia Antipolis, Toulon, the Avignon region (R&D) and most recently the Cadarache area with the establishment of the ITER fusion reactor. 

Traditionally focused on maritime transport and petrochemicals, the PACA region is undergoing major changes around the development of new job-creating activities such as microelectronics, biotechnologies, marine technologies and environmental technologies. 

The region has the third largest research potential in France: with its six universities, its fourteen engineering schools and its major national research organizations (CNRS, CEA, INRA, INRIA, INSERM, IFREMER, CEMAGREF, BRGM, INRTETS.

Work independently in the Paca region!

Specialized in consulting and professional support in porterage, Umalis offers you the opportunity to carry out and exercise your freelance missions by becoming  consultants focused  on Paca.

Our goal is to advise you and help you become an independent consultant.

Umalis brings you personalized and reinforced support!

You are expert consultants, young graduates, researchers or future business creators, we support you in the development of your activity.

With  our salary portage offers , you are guaranteed to carry out  your freelance activities with  complete peace of mind.

To find out more about our offers or to inquire about wage portage, contact email [email protected]

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