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Lucidus Pro

Lucidus Pro is a powerful and original digital solution for companies looking to identify and improve the reasons that affect the productivity of their employees.

It is an original, unique and efficient service allowing the analysis of causality between different indicators such as well-being, productivity, increase in turnover and development of an activity.

Lucidus Pro was designed and developed by Vladyslav Potapchuk, a young Ukrainian engineer who has been piloting the Lucidus Pro project within the Umalis Group for 2 years.

The operation of Lucidus Pro is based on RCA which is based on three keys: Collection, Understanding and Action. First, employees fill out an online questionnaire on their daily work and on the causes that could impact their well-being within the company. Once the data is collected, it is analyzed by dedicated algorithms and then made available to the customer via a graphic and readable dashboard. Lucidus Pro teams then support companies in interpreting and understanding results in order to be able to set up an effective and relevant action plan that meets the real needs of employees.

By allowing employees to speak up to discuss their working conditions, companies using Lucidus Pro position themselves as being concerned about the well-being, needs and expectations of their employees.

Lucidus Pro gives employers real areas for improvement to strive for genuine employee well-being.


UClub is a distinguished mobile application, designed and developed by the Umalis Group teams. Innovative and original, UClub is a state-of-the-art application intended for anyone wishing to share and develop their interest in a particular passion.

The UClub app provides a simple and practical solution to an overwhelming problem.

Particularly in the city, people do not know each other, some go to the depths of France to join their community and participate in events and demonstrations when they could very well share them near their home.

UClub is the application that makes this proximity advantage accessible, thanks to the geolocation service that distinguishes UClub from similar mobile applications.

Equipped with a simple and easy to use interface, UClub gives the user the possibility to choose between two options, either to access as a simple participant or to create the Club of his passion and become the owner.

UClub is not only a simple mobile entertainment application, it is a means of additional income that allows its user to enjoy his passion while being paid. Indeed UClub facilitates the collection of membership fees, contributions whose prices have been set by the owner of the Club.

UClub also provides the “owner” user with a virtual office to manage the accounts of its members as well as the management of the events it organizes.

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